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3/2/16 New and restocked cds and Vinyl Added!

Crew 38 - White Brotherhood Worldwide comp
The Yardbombs - 7 Inches of Ho! 7"
Open Season/Ironwill split cd

20/12/16 New and restocked cds added!

J Kilgore & The Yardbombs - Unlucky 13
Blindfolded - Blacklisted
American Pig - Home sweet home
Shoot on Sight - No Justice
Saw Cross Lanes - Ewigreich
Sedition - Lies from lies
Pigdriver - Pig n roll
Nouvelle Croisade - – Nouvelle Croisade + Bonus Répetes De 1989
Frakass - L’appel des dieux
Der Bretonische/Bordelboys split cd
Better Dead Than Red - Best of
Battle Scarred - Too punk to fuck
Ultima Thule - Genom eld och aska
Ultima Thule - Nu gronskar det
United Skins - For freedom of speech comp - 2 cd
Short Cropped - SCF-FSC
Skinbois - Skinhead action
Rampage - On attack
Les Vilains - Pour faire chier!


17/07/16 New and restocked cds added!

Angry Aryans - Too white for you
Avalon - In death you breath
Avalon - In from the cold
Blue Max - Back to the boots
Day of the Rope Vol 3 Compilation
Day of the Sword - Ear to ear
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Die Rückkehr Des Unbegreiflichen
Evil Inside - Those bastards will destroy you
Fortress/Brutal Attack - Garrison 1
Garrison 2 Compilation
H8Machine - One less reason to smile
Iron Youth - Respect, defend, create
Jack Rebel - Jack the guns
Jew Slaughter - Alcoholocaust
Ken McLellan & Invasion Brotherhood - A life on trial
Kill Baby, Kill! / The Gits - From the East to the West
Max Resist - Keep fighting
Moloko Plus Vol 1 Compilation
Moloko Plus Vol 2 Compilation
No Surrender - Rejected, angry and free
Odins Law - Still standing strong
On the Streets Vol 1 Compilation
Ravenous - Blind Faith
Redneck 28 - Spirit of the south
S.O.L - Manhunt
Thunderbolt - Twilight of the gods
Youngland - Smothered and covered

11/6/16 New Cds added. We've added some new and restocked titles to our store.

5/5/16 New T-Shirt Added!

Following another successful year of Hammered we have the few leftover event shirts for sale, for all the people who were there and missed out or who missed out and weren't there.

2/3/16 New CD Added!

The Yardbombs - Freedom is calling... Second full length album from Jesse from Deaths Head punk project.

15/1/16 New Category Added! Second hand items.

Every now and again someone likes to clean out their closet, no pun intended, but what to do with all your unwanted merch? Unable to sell on mainstream sites like ebay etc, 9% has added a second hand section. We have had a massive donation of hard to find, out of print and rare Oi!, RAC and Hatecore. Please keep in mind they are one of's and conditions do apply. Prices will be based on the condition and relative scarcity of the release. You can check out what we've added here or by going to the second hand section from the main site. Please try and list a few second choices in the notes section as some of these will go fast.



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