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16/02/19 New and Restocked Cd's and Upcoming Event
Fortress - Brothers of the storm
The YardBombs - The All Skrewed Up ep
The Yardbombs - Ebolapalooza
Deaths Head - Baldr - cd/dvd
H8machine - Hardcore for life
H8machine - Fighting solves everything
H8machine - Cheated
H8machine - One less reason to smile
Ravens WIng - Through the looking glass
Grenadier II - Fortress Germania (Fortress tour project)
Sacrifice - From the north

Hammered 2019

23/10/18 New CDs, Vinyl + ISD 2018
The Yardbombs - Holiday in Utopia (a very nazi tribute to the Dead Kennedys)7"
Haggis - Pride is Our Crime
Tribute to Skrewdriver Vol 2 compilation
Before God - Wolves Amongst the Sheep

ISD 2017


26/3/18 - New and Restocked cds
Katyn 1940 - Let the graves sing
Our Europe not theirs
Final War - The Collection
Sunwheel - I am the one
PWA - Rock against communism
PWA Nordic blood - nordic pride
The Dirty Bunch
SOL - Fire on the horizon
Operation Racewar - Extreme prejudice
Warfare 88 - The white album
Spirit of the Patriot - Freedom fighters
Redneck 28 - play the songs of Ian Stuart
White Devils/Empire Falls - The time is now
Extreme Hatred - Have a nice day
Youngland - Winter wind
Youngland - We are united
Das Reich - Triumph of the will
Jew S;laughter - Alcoholocaust
Max Resist - Keep fighting
Day of the Sword - Ear to ear


8/12/17 - New Book Added
The Saga of Hailstorm Pt 1 - Karl Delling

22/10/17 New CDs Added!
Ravens Wing - Throught the looking glass
Redneck 28 - Play the songs of Ian Stuart
Fight For Freedom- The wolves sessions
Aggressive Force - Self titled
Hate Crime - Guilty

11/9/17 New cds added
Zurzir with Jesse from Deaths Head - To Valhalla
Zurzir with Jesse from Deaths Head - To Valhalla ltd edition Digipack


30/8/17 Updated ISD Flyer

ISD 2017

4/8/17 - New Vinyl and CD Added
Rebel Devils - Southern Discomfort LP
The Yardbombs - All in the Family 7"
RAHOWA - Ueberfolk

Vinyl at 9 Percent Productions


27/7/17 - New T-shirts added

Tshirts at 9 Percent Productions

3/7/17 - New Pins and Patches Added

pins and patches