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1 x Our Europe not theirs comp
1 x Sunwheel - I am the one (metal)
1 x Ravens Wing - Through the looking glass
1 x Skingirl Patch
1 x Skull and Stick Grenade Patch
1 x Hitler Youth Patch
1 x Every law passed.... Patch
1 x Skrewdriver Eagle Patch
1 x German Imperial Flag Patch
1 x Our Race Is Our Nation Swastika Patch
1 x White Power Fist Patch
1 x Iron Cross and Swastika Patch
1 x German Imperial Flag Wave Patch
1 x Thor Mit Uns Hammer Patch
1 x SS Patch - Black
1 x Good Night Left Side Patch
1 x Skrewdriver Patch
1 x Blood and Honour Totenkopf cutout patch
1 x Iron Cross Patch
1 x Rock Against Communism (RAC) Patch
1 x SS Patch - Silver
1 x German Jack Round Patch
1 x Better Dead Than Red - The world needs a hero (RAC)
1 x Cocksparrer - Back Home (Oi!)
1 x Blitz - Voice of a generation (punk)
1 x Barsarkar Compilation
1 x Blood Red Eagle - Burning down the churches (RAC)
1 x Asynja - Through the misty air (Folk)
1 x Built for war Vol 1 Compilation
1 x Blood & Honour Australia Promo Sampler vol 1
1 x Brabantia Nostra - A Streetpunk Compilation
1 x Cocksparrer - Here we stand
1 x Blackout - Spirit of the Warrior (RAC)
1 x Cockney Rejects - Unheard rejects (oi!)
1 x Cocksparrer - The Decca Years (oi!)
1 x 4-Skins - A few 4-Skins more Vol 2
1 x Affray - Embracing Hatred (RAC)
1 x Badlands - Flame still burning (Oi!)
1 x Badlands - The killing kind (Oi!)
1 x Badlands - Hands of time (oi!)
1 x Discipline - Downfall of the working man - Digipack (Hardcore)
1 x Ariertum - Mythos of the blood (NSBM)
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