Cocksparrer - Here we stand

Cocksparrer  - Here we stand
CD-1 Too Late 3:01 CD-2 Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me? 3:32 CD-3 Gotta Get Out 3:01 CD-4 Spirit Of '76 3:28 CD-5 So Many Things 2:37 CD-6 Suicide Girls 3:30 CD-7 Despite All This 3:30 CD-8 Don't Stop 3:38 CD-9 Will You 3:55 CD-10 Time To Make Your Move 3:26 CD-11 Last Orders 2:27 CD-12 True To Yourself 3:02 CD-13 Sussed 3:08 CD-14 Better Then This 3:02 DVD-1 The Making Of "Here We Stand" DVD-2 Running Riot Across The USA (2000) Live Footage DVD-3 From The Archives

Condition -Near Mint


Please note that second hand cds are sold as is. While they are sold in good faith, the condition has been described visually, any fault with the cd is not the responsibility of 9% and refunds WILL NOT be given. Buyer purchases at their own risk. Please note also that due to the rarity of some of these titles, bulk cd deals do not apply.

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