New 9% Release – The Yardbombs – Just The First Seven Inches!


All Punk bands should have strange and obscure 7″ releases and since their inception in 2014 The Yardbombs have embraced this idea. To date the Australian band has recorded four 7″ EP’s covering diverse interests such as the Dead Kennedys, Hate rock bands who have changed their stripes, and possibly strangest of all a Xmas album.

This CD compilation brings together all the tracks from these various releases, remixed and remastered. In addition to this there are three new unreleased bonus tracks. The release will have a limited edition cd run and be available for digital download. The album has 23 tracks and the cd will include a 12 page booklet featuring the art of all the vinyl releases.

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Buy the digital download here.

New Featured Product – Deaths Head – Supremacy cd


Released by PC Records / Fresh from Australia, this work is coming to us across the pond! You don’t really need to say much about Jesse and his boys. Since their debut in 2001, they have been known for well-made Metal! This disc connects seamlessly to it, whereby I mean, a certain core edge has been added. Maybe it is also due to the 2 Hungarian musicians who carved this disc in stone ;-)! In any case, the help was noticeably good, because the result was 10 crushers, which are really fun! In terms of quality, Deaths Head never had a dropout! The whole thing is packed in an 8-page booklet, which contains all the texts! Great part!
– PC records via google translate 🙂

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Featured Item – Iron Youth – Respect, Defend, Create

Originally released in 2001 by Resistance Records in the US, Respect, Defend Create was the second and I think the best release by Greek Band Iron Youth. The style of the cd was a straightforward metal sound with NS lyrical content that was a part of the metal/RAC crossover that was popular at the time.

You can find the album in our store here. I also found a largely pointless interview with the band from 2007 here.

New/ Featured CD – Sons of Odin – Odins Demolition Crew

We’ve just added this cd to our store. Sons of Odin is a new project by Canadian vocalist Griffin. Known for his role in such bands as Stonehammer and Aryan, Griffin has been active in the music scene for decades. This time teaming up with Hungarian band Hundriver to deliver a fresh sounding classic RAC style album. While not delivering any shocking surprises this album fits comfortably into the RAC genre and will a welcome addition to the collections of and stalwarts of the scene and those who are fans of the tradiotional skinhead oriented style. Probably Griffins best release in recent years.