New 9% Release – The Yardbombs – The All Skrewed Up ep – Purple

A testimony to the popularity of both cds and the Yardbombs, we have re-released The Yardbombs medley ep. Originally recorded in 2018 to commemorate 25 years since the passing of Ian Stuart, the disc contains 4 medleys comprising 11 Skrewdriver classics. Limited to 25 copies per colour release. PLEASE NOTEThis is a CD NOT VINYL.

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T-Shirts and CDs

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New Featured CD – Zurzir and Friends – Brothehood Till the End


This album is a compilation of remastered tracks from the band Zurzir, featuring guest singers from throughout the world. Check out a promo video and review, awkwardly translated from the orginal Finnish. You can pick up the cd from our distro here.


D88 Records and Europa Erwache Productions are starting to record foreign bands with this album. A bold project in a highly competitive market! The game starts with the project album of the Brazilian (!) Band Zurzir, on which the band has made music, but the vocal parts are the responsibility of the singers of RAC bands from different countries.

Operating since 1999, Zurzir has released five full-length albums as well as a bunch of joint recordings. The band is familiar with the band only from the Hewerskins collection Crew 38 Sampler a couple of years ago. On that record, the band made e.g. the song “Hammerskin Nation,” which on this album is shouted by Marder Aleksi accompanied by the backing choir. The song is one of the most functional strokes on the album, but the same cannot be said for all performances. For example, Russia’s most famous RAC band, Kolovrat’s Denis, sang the song “Rasovoye velichiye” (from “Grandeza racial”) not just because of language and singer overcrowding. In metallic RAC rounding, the Russian language is absolutely disturbing, while in black metal, for example, it sounds quite natural again.

Finland is comfortably represented on the record. In addition to Alex Marder, the album will feature the Voices of the White Devils (“The Last Judgment”) and Muke of Mistreat (“For Glory”). The songs are not memorable in their kind because Zurzir’s compositional material is somewhat generic. As musicians, they do their job well, but the band doesn’t offer actual sing-along hits except for a few namup pieces.

Twelve performances compiled from Zurzir’s extensive discography are suitable for a friend of the metallic RAC for the sake of Finnish singers alone. The most memorable performances are by far the most internationally known names, Deathshead’s Jesse (“Always forward”), Aryan Rebels ’Barfly (“ Stärke des Kriegers ”) and Bully Boys’ Scott (“Time Bomb”).

Hopefully this high-profile international collection (score from a stylish digipack!) Will give the Finnish lafs more new attachments.