New/Featured Cd – KT8 – Winteress

We’ve just added this to the store. It’s rare that something a little different comes along. Here we have the familiar musical style of Roy of Final War (and numerous other musical projects) fronted by a female lead vocalist. Music and vocals suit each other and this cd is a solid effort. Personally one of Roy’s best most recent projects in my opinion. The only down side for me is that the lyrical content was sometimes a little too esoteric and heavy for the style of music it was delivered in, but that’s just me. Here’s what some other random internet person had to say –

“This was a great album. It has a lot of different layers that really make it unique. Just on a purely musical level, the energy is great. KT8 is one of those singers who can make you feel the passion she has for what she’s singing about. Roy and Paul are at the top of their game, bringing their signature sound but with enough original twists on their style, that long time fans *need* to hear it.

If you’ve seen any of KT8’s interviews for the album, she is doing a lot of unique tributes to genres of music she likes and her favorite artists, which you could break down track by track. I pretty much only listen to punk, so I probably didn’t catch all of these but it’s still cool. Even with all of the different styles, the tracks transition seamlessly. You could easily play this one straight through and never be bored. She’s put a lot of interesting historical and mystical references in and after a first listen, you should definitely slow down and search some of the things in the lyrics and read up on them online. Pretty one of a kind album, overall.” BaldrSunn March 22, 2020

Though it might defeat the purpose of posting about the cd here, we’ll add this video to the post. Posted online by KT8 this is the full album on youtube. We figure, if the band see’s fit to let people hear their full album for free online, who are we to argue. We will remind everyone though that physical music sales support bands, lables and the movement and keep new music coming out.
Overall we think this cd is a solid effort and we are happy to help promote it here